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A Story in Yokohama-5

A Story in Yokohama -5 【Aquarium in Yokohama named Sea Paradise】
A Story in Yokohama【 Subtitled "Longing"】-4

That night, Yuichi was facing J at the nightclub named Carriage Road.

“It's time for me to hunt him down.”
The man Yuichi asked J to hunt him down was a tax accountant who advises a number of hospitals and clinics.

It all started with a tip from an advertising agency Yuichi is advising.
“There are people doing dirty business.”

“How do you mean, "Dirty"?”
“I've heard that there's an advertising company that has made a huge deficit, but the company has been taking money from profitable hospitals at many times the amount of work they are actually doing and then secretly giving the padded amount back to the doctors. If we lose our customers with these tricks, we're screwed.”

“How did you know that?”
“I heard from the director of an orthopedic clinic who sometimes gives me jobs. He said his friend, a doctor, had asked him if he could use the company.”

“Really? Why is the advertising company so unprofitable?”
“It seems that someone secretly bought the company that was closed in the red and went into business. Even if they padded their sales, it would be offset against their losses, so no tax would be paid.”

“If that's true, I can't just leave it at that. What's the name of the company?”
“That's M Planning. They seem to be getting together with a tax accountant who advises various hospitals.”

“It's a terrible story. If you find out who is using this company and who their tax accountant is, please let me know. When the facts come out, I will deal with them at the Association of Certified Public Tax Accountants.”

Ono, the tax accountant, ran his office he took over from his father in one floor of a large building standing near Kannai Station in Yokohama City. After investigating his behavior and reputation, it appeared that he was leading a flamboyant life, leaving his work to his clerks, driving his own Ferrari and going to the expensive Hostess bar of Ginza every night.

(With a guy like that, he'd want as much money as he could get, and the ad man's story is probably true.)
Yuichi thought he might be able to get rid of Ono and get his customers.

Tax accountant's property is good clients.
(He must have about 200 clients, judging by the number of clerks he has. At the very least, the annual fee per client is estimated at one million, or 200 million in annual revenue, and assuming a net profit of 30 percent of that amount after subtracting labor and other expenses, it should be 60 million.)

“What he is doing is aiding and abetting tax evasion. I'd like you to pursue him, at first in a roundabout way, but to make sure he understands the purpose.”

“He's the kind of guy who plays in Ginza. He might have a strange streak, and I don't think he'd normally be taken seriously.”
“That's OK. If he doesn't say anything, just tell him that you'll report his behavior to the tax office and the medical board. Then he'll respond.”

“What's the point of this?”
“If he starts caring, He must be in our control. We will call him at home or in his office every day, but make sure he doesn't recognize us.”

“What do we do then?”
"We will hunt it down. In the end it's the money, it may take a couple of hundred million, but I'll get it."

"You got that kind of money?"
"I know where to find it."

According to Yuichi's estimate, the shares in Milan Travel Agency that he is going to get from Naomi are worth more than a billion dollars in property, and of course he can't free them as long as Naomi is alive, but if he use them as collateral, he should be able to borrow hundreds of millions of yen from financial institutions.

“Unlike me, you're a straight shooter. You shouldn't do anything that doesn't suit you.”
“So far I have. But I've decided to live my life by expressing my inner desires and wishes.”

“Why? You have grown up and have a decent job. What you are doing is good enough.”
“It's not a theory. Greed is a human instinct.”

“I'd like to remind you that I live in a world where the desire for domination and conquest is controlled by force. You live in a society where greed is regulated by law and morality. It is dangerous to live in a decent society and do things the wrong way. If you do something wrong, you might be rejected by the society you live in.”

“It's a good plan and I have a good chance of winning.”
“What if it doesn't work?”

“I don't care. I've been following in my father's footsteps, and I've been living my life honestly, but I wanted to do things my own way. I wanted to come out of my shell and express myself.”

“I honestly didn't think you'd ever say that. Is it because you've been keeping up with me?”
“No. It's not. It just came to me naturally. I was surprised and happy to find myself like that.”

“Won't you help me?”
“I'll support you, but you have to be prepared for the worst in these things.”

“I'll take responsibility if I fail. I don't care if I get kicked out of the tax accountant world or go to jail.”
When Yuichi said that, J silently lit a cigarette.

“If you're that determined, I'll help you.”
J said and let out a sigh of smoke as he inhaled.

Yuichi asked the woman in charge.
“Where's Yui?”

“She's not here yet.”
“I want a glass of whiskey, then.”
“I'll have Johnny's Blue for you.”

That night, Yuichi was united with the girl on the top floor of the Intercontinental Hotel, facing the sea, and pressed his slender partner against the window that overhung the night view of the harbor.

“Please be gentle!”
Yui begged, but Yuichi wouldn't listen.

(J accepted my wish. Shares in the Milan travel agency, his clients, soon to be in my hand.)
He lashed out wildly at the heightened passions.

The main characters in the beginning are Naomi (the heiress), Yuichi (a tax accountant), and J (Yuichi's friend).
An unexpected side of Yuichi is revealed.
The relationship between J and Yuichi is still a mystery, but I'll get into it next time.

・・・To be continued・・・


-A Story in Yokohama

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