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A Story in Yokohama-2

A Story in Yokohama -2 【Dandelion at Miura Peninsula】

A Story in Yokohama【 Subtitled "Longing"】-2

As the business expanded and the company grew, some people suggested going public, but he avoided going public because it would have made him more dedicated to pursuing profits, and he insisted on creating a quality plan.
At the age of 60, he retired after handing over 66 percent of the company's stock, which he previously owned 100 percent, to a few talented younger executives, and since then he enjoyed a comfortable life with Naomi, visiting museums and writing travelogues.

Under the Companies Act, two-thirds or more of the voting rights of a company are required to make decisions on important matters, such as the transfer of a business, which will affect its survival.
Although Tatsuya had decided to hand over management to a backbencher, he had no intention of giving up all his connections to the company he had built up, and he kept the 34 percent of the shares necessary to exercise his veto power over important resolutions.

The steam whistle sounded, signaling noon.

Naomi returned to the living room and stared at a small picture frame in the middle of the bookcase.
The frame held a picture of a woman.
She was beautiful, with curly hair hanging slightly over her shoulders, standing briskly against the backdrop of the harbor.
The top and bottom shelves of the bookcase were spread with complete books and encyclopedias, but the middle section contained only a few old books and a picture of the woman.

She had eaten very little since morning, but no appetite had been whetted.
(Eventually evening would come and end today. Tomorrow and the day after that, I'll be alone.)
Suddenly, the doorbell rang. A slender man in a suit was caught on the security camera.
(It's Yuichi.)

Yuichi was the only son of Shiro Murakami, the tax accountant the Fukadas had consulted for many years, and he had taken over the Murakami Accounting Office a few years after Shiro's death.
The Fukadas once lived in a house in Motomachi next door to the the Murakam's house, and the couple, who had never been blessed with a baby boy, had adored Yuichi since he was a child.

The estate was 34% of the shares in that company.
This percentage of shareholding is the remote cause of the case written throughout the story.
The main characters in the beginning of the story are Naomi (the heiress), Yuichi (a tax accountant) and J (Yuichi's friend).

・・・To be continued・・・



-A Story in Yokohama

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