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A Story in Yokohama-14

A Story in Yokohama -14【Chitose River, Kanagawa Prefecture】
A Story in Yokohama【 Subtitled "Longing"】-14
Yuichi appealed to J for help.
"That officer's a real threat."

“Let's check what he's about.”
“If the transfer is found to have been disguised, the tax bill will be huge, but what I'm more afraid of is the criminal tax investigation. If I'm found guilty of tax evasion, I won't be able to practice tax accounting.”

Next day J followed the tax auditor as he left the office in the evening. After following him for a while, he suddenly stopped and turned around.

Their eyes met.
The auditor approached J

“I live in a different world to you, but I don't believe in unreasonable methods.”
“What have I done?”

“I don't mean to speak of your world.”
“What do you mean?”

“It's Mr. Murakami. His field is the public, the taxpayers and the authorities. A few mistakes are unavoidable, but when he does something that doesn't make sense in the world he lives in, he has to be dealt with.”
With that, he turned on his heel and walked towards the station.

There was no point in pursuing him any further.
(How does he know me? Who is he?)

J said to Yuichi.
“That guy is a tricky one. We won't touch him until we know what he is. Let's not think about him for the moment, we'll do what we can. I'll get you the best lawyer I know.”

Lawyer Y was a former prosecutor, a man known for his skill. Although the case was still at an early stage, they paid him a reasonable amount of money for his services, and disclosed the facts of the case.

“The contract was drawn up after he died, wasn't it?”
“Yes. But can't we argue that there was a verbal agreement before his death?”

“You have always claimed that the contract was genuine?”
“Yes, and the officer who doubted it said he would check the contract for fingerprints and handwriting.”

“National Tax Administration has close links with the Ministry of Justice, so it is possible that they will ask the police forensic laboratory. Who signed the deceased's name?”

“I wrote it in my own likeness.”
“First of all, you have to deal with the tax authorities, and then you have to deal with the possibility of criminal proceedings.”

“If it's only a civil tax case, we can't stop it, but I don't want it to become a criminal case.”
When Yuichi said this, the lawyer said.

“The tax office will certainly take action on the grounds that there was no transfer of the property before his death. At the same time, there is a good chance that the National Tax Administration will conduct an investigation with the aim of filing criminal charges. Whether or not the NTA will initiate an investigation is at their discretion and we cannot stop them from doing so. In the worst case scenario, if the case goes to criminal court, you will have to take action to ensure that you are acquitted.”

“Do I have to be prepared for criminal tax investigation?”
“Hopefully not, but you have to be prepared for it.”

“Will it be in the papers?”
“Unless the press is aware of the case, the mere fact that there has been an investigation does not mean it will appear in the newspapers. But when the prosecutor's office receives a charge from the tax authorities, or when the prosecutor makes a request for a trial, i.e. an indictment, there are cases where the story appears.”

“What can I do?”
“First of all, you have to put the events in chronological order. Next, we need to discuss the legal aspects. Since you have a lot of knowledge about inheritance tax, I would like you to tell me about all the laws and administrative regulations that apply to this tax return. In particular, I need to examine in detail the provisions relating to the valuation of shares.”

“I understand. I will prepare as soon as possible.”

J, who had been silently listening to their conversation, said,
“Who is that tall man who noticed my tail and saw through me?”

Yuichi, holding the staff record in his hand, said
"He's an auditor at Yamate Tax Office, but he's been in the criminal tax investigation division of Tokyo Taxation Bureau for five years.

The lawyer, who had seen the record, said
“He's also been assigned to the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission, where there are also people from the prosecutor's office and the police. It's possible that he knows people involved in investigations from many different fields.”

“Do we have to let him go?”
“If we do anything else, it will only increase the suspicion and put us at a disadvantage.”

“How does he know me?”
“My guess is that they know that Mr. Murakami is a regular at the Carriage Road. If they are willing, they can figure out who the owner is.”

After being consulted by a worried Yuichi, J brings in a good lawyer to help Yuichi with his case.
Next, we will go back in time 30 years, to the episode of Yuichi's father and the woman who is a crucial person to this story.

・・・To be continued・・・



-A Story in Yokohama

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